Product Sales & Marketing Specialist, International Business Department

Japanese leading chemical company is looking for Product Sales & Marketing Specialist, International Business Department

Position Available
The following opportunity is available for a Product Sales & Marketing Specialist in the International
Business Department. This is an exciting opportunity for an M.S./Ph.D level / science graduate to be a
part of the an international team which is aggressively marketing and pursuing sales in 30 countries.
The individual is expected to play a significant role in product marketing, sales lead generation and
customer relationship management. The individual will support development of marketing tools and
disseminate scientific information to customers worldwide.
The position requires a graduate in science, preferably in biochemistry/biotechnology/synthetic
chemistry with relevant work experience in pharmaceutical industry.
The candidate must be willing to relocate to Tokyo, Japan and show evidence of the ability to work
effectively in a team-oriented environment.
Japanese language skill is preferred but not a requirement.


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