Don’t skimp on the cost to hire great MRs.

Pharma companies should take much cost to hire MRs, instead of try to hire by referrals. MR is face of the pharma companies. They are very important as equal as the company’s drug. Pharma companies should spend much money to hire better MRs as same amount as the cost of R&D for their new drugs, because MR is representing their brand, drugs, and good vibes in front of medical doctors.

MRs represent the company’s brand. How important people they are.

However, recent trend of hiring MRs in Japan, the pharma companies try not take const. This is absolutely produce bad results afterwards, because MR is face of the pharma company. I have seen many bad cases of the organization that non cost MR hired.

One of them is a company which selling new brand drug, start up. They try to hire MRs by referral methodology. The head of the guy try to team up from his previous company. So the established team basically from one company. Of course it was impossible to build team only from one company, then, try to pick from another company. The guy from another company, however, is in the very unpleasant organization for him because almost all team are from one company, which the head guy’s previous one. The guy from another company feel worry about his future promotion because there are already established other big major group there.

The friction was not only big group VS small individual, but among within the big group. Even if belonging the majority team, each individuals start to rat race. They try to find other’s bad point. The team would be very bad poorly ventilated space. Many bad effect in the results of referral hiring MRs. Pharma companies shouldn’t skimp on the cost of hiring excellent MRs.

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