Pitfalls of referral program for mid-career hirings at Pharmaceuticals in Japan.

Referrals is one of the efficient way to get good people as a company. However, Referrals are also pitfalls to fair the hiring people.

Pharmaceuticals would do the same with. Keeping the fairness with judgement for hiring people is the key thing when the company try to hire by referrals. Even if the hiring manager try to keep fair judgment, in many cases, the group of new hire tend to be the acquainted party.

Think about that, the organization that everyone knows everyone else. It will be extremely unusual.

During the restructuring-hurricanes hovering the Japanese pharmaceutical employee market on these few years, bunch of senior people left from mega pharmaceuticals. Now in the beginning of 2016, the trend of the decreasing people in pharma industry seems to come end, and start to change up from now. Some companies actually try to start to hire people again in 2016.

One of the good thing about the referral hiring program is the low cost. It would be No agency fee, no interview time and schedule, to get good experienced people. It sounds amazing.

However, companies sometimes need people who said something different, need people who has the new point of view. If companies try to hire only by referrals, it would be very difficult to get people who has different point of view. Especially in this particular period right now, many people who left the mega-pharma company is seeking the opportunities. This is the situation, bunch of people in the market but very few open positions in the market.

In this “buyer’s market” make the hiring manager think about referral program because hiring side is very strong. It is not necessary for company to use agencies to get good people. Also, in this market looks nonsense to pay agency fee to get people, because too easy to reach the job seekers.

Actually there are many hidden pitfalls in the way to get people by referrals now.

As a company, easy to get people, however, as job seekers, it is very difficult to get opportunities. So, if there are opportunities, many job seekers should be interested in. And the process will be the referral, many job seekers try to become nice with the hiring managers. Many job seekers try to watch out the hiring managers, many job seekers try not to have different opinion with the hiring managers. These kind of people are hired in the results, but the after words, the organization or the group would be just a Don and mafia.

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